AuthorTopic: Trixel's inaugural Challenge  (Read 1608 times)


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Trixel's inaugural Challenge

on: April 28, 2015, 09:50:38 pm
Hey all,

Some more news from TRIXEL, a weird triangular pixel drawing app my friends and I have been developing (and a few of y'all have tried — thanks for that!). 

If you're unfamiliar, check it out here, paint something, and let me know how it goes:

Anyway, we just issued a challenge to all our users and we figured we'd put the word out, in case anyone else was interested in triangular pizzaficiation.  #Shameless there's a chance to win stickers of your submission (or a bag of pepperonis, your choice).  Here's the skinny.  Hope to see you there!


Create a pizza themed trixelation.  Use a pizza color pallette. That’s tomato red, mozzarella white, grease orange, sausage brown, pepperoni pepperoni, eggplant aubergine pizz-cetera pizz-cetera pizz-cetera

Stickers of your winning trixel. Or...
Bag of dank 'ronis, mailed directly. Seriously, I will put a bag of pepperonis in an envelope and send them to you if you win. 

HOW TO SUBMIT: Comment #pizza-challenge on your trixelation

DUE DATE: May 4th, 8 AM EDT

RULES: Only new trixelations will be accepted. Multiple submissions allowed. Open to all members — invite your non-trixelating friends!

JUDGING: The rest of the high Trixelian council and I will assess your work and announce the winner in next week’s Trixel Times.