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Subterrestrial - SNES Style Fantasy Platformer RPG

on: April 24, 2015, 02:11:06 am

Mysterious kidnappings have begun in the town of Neria, and deep within the heart of its forest, lies an underground city where a grand scheme of godlike proportions is unfolding and threatens to obliterate an entire region. With the livestock disappearing as well, and the plantlife failing, only a few inhabitants remain willing to stand by their town until the very end. Now, a Fox Demon and a Magic Swordsman is the last line of defense before the irreversible occurs. Ready to brave the mythical forest Divinityís Playground and unconver its secret, Ozma and Ry travel to Neria, and prepare for their greatest battle yet in this epic RPG Platformer!

Subterrestrial is a 2D Platformer RPG Hybrid! Iíve been working on it for about a year now (much of this included 3 concept games that were scrapped) and am proud to have finally wrapped up the beta demo!

The gameplay will be a combination of interacting in town, crushing enemies, and collecting lots of XP to enhance your abilities! Special moves will be executed through button combinations and new moves can be expected to be learned throughout the game!

-Animated Environments and Gorgeous Pixel Art

-Classic Platforming and RPG Mechanics
-Special Moves and Combos to master!
-Epic Plot with a Diverse Cast of Characters

-Giant Boss Fights!

Ozma: A fox demon with a good heart who wants to be the world's greatest adventurer

Ry: A magic swordsman who's two top priorities are good fights and pretty women

Vina: A mysterious archmage, intelligent and extraordinarily powerful, Vina can look out for herself

Miri: A sassy witchling who makes powerful ability enhancing potions, she runs her grandmother's shop

Briggs: A bartender with a serious 'fro, chock full of advice and free drink for heroes

Since the kidnappings most of Neria's residence have either turned up missing or left to avoid doing so. While the town is humble, the remaining residents will do all they can to help you succeed in your quest! With a little bit of effort, you'll be able to help this town prosper yet again!

The Island of Neria is chock full of mythical beasts, here we've showcased a wolficorn and a pegataur...

The UI consists of a Health Bar (self explanatory), Mana Meter which will drain upon the execution of special attacks, and a Soul Counter. Souls are the equivalent of XP Currency and can be farmed from enemies or collected through areas to increase your abilities (Speed, Health, Power).

An element iíd like to implement is some sort of farming mini Harvest Moon component where the player can sort of help slowly bring the land back to life as they progress through the game and might offer a better ending! But overall, the main goal of Subterrestrial is to provide a fun platforming RPG experience filled with all original enemies, character progression, and an original plot, and high replay value. Since the alpha the game has changed SIGNIFICANTLY due to user feedback and I'm totally committed to building an awesome game.

You can follow the game on social media if you're interested in the beta, i'll be releasing it for all soon with a Kickstarter not too far behind sometime in mid May!
Also, it reaaaaally helps support an indie dev just by retweeting or sharing to help reach more fans! =]