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Haha, I personally love this atmosphere on Pixelation. It's like walking into a wrestling gym and hoping that everyone is going to be really nice and gentle with you. Nope, they're going to call you on every bluff and make you very aware of all your mistakes. Tough love. If you have the fortitude to deal with it, you'll learn a lot in time, usually getting your ego severely bruised in the process. If not, then... too bad. I'm exaggerating a little bit, but there's certainly the same meritocracy here that I'm familiar with in sports. It's quite nice.

That being said... I just googled 'sparkle dogs' and threw up a little bit on my shirt.

@Idera: I hope you do share your full picture instead of just that video, so people can critique it. A lot of work went into that piece, which suggests you have a good work ethic. And a cool, eclectic taste in music.

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Nah dA has all sorts of pixel art. But by far dolling and sparkle dogs are more prominent than other forms.

...Sparkle dogs?  ??? :-\

Just google it, you'll see.