AuthorTopic: Ermergerd erts anermertion!  (Read 7275 times)

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Re: Ermergerd erts anermertion!

Reply #10 on: December 28, 2015, 07:30:35 pm
Never thanked you wolfenocits for this.

I redid some things recently and took your advice, But I decreased the angle a bit more. Straight 45% looks weird in game no matter how I set the camera or billboards.

NEW: WIP (8 frames, ideal)
If you pay attention to just the legs they should be in a much better position perspective wise. I need to work on the inbetweens to make passing a bit smoother, as well as the head motions which are non-existent., but overall i'm more happy with the general motion. Chest and arms swing is easy enough to add later.

OLD: (9 frames, not ideal)

Todays Final Edit:

Next Edit:
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