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We are looking for pixel artists who wants to join us in our mobile game project. You should have competent pixel art and general insight of the aspect of game developing

-- Who are we? --
At this moment our team exists of one programmer and one storyteller. We both live in the Netherlands and can communicate in English easily. Most of our communication goes through Skype. We have had a pixel-artist in the past as you can see in the video beneath, but because lack of time he could not help us anymore.
Both of us develop the game in our spare time, which varies from 8 to 24 hours a week.

---The game---
Our mobile app: Coromon(codename) is made with the Corona SDK and will be available for loads of devices! When we release the game it will be available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Steam and Mac AppStore users! Worldwide.
We are aiming to combine the monster collecting game genre with the adventure genre. Together with an awesome and intense lore (background-story), deep dungeons, hidden secrets. You should not easily get bored in the world of Coromon.
We really want to effort into lore, graphics, user interface, battle intensity and adventure (puzzles/dungeons). Also we invented some unique selling points to distinguish us from others in the genre. I will list some of them beneath with a compact description.

--Crystal shards—
I don’t want to leak too much of the lore, but there are crystal shards spread around the world. Each of them can be found in hard to reach places/dungeons. These shards can be used to give a bonus or unique effects to a coromon. It’s some kind of “hold-item” for a coromon. Some examples:

-Regen crystal: Recover x HP every turn
-Growth crystal: Coromon holding this gains increased experience
-[stat] crystal: Increase specific stat by X
-Anger crystal: Increases attack by 30% when below half HP

In Coromon World there has been research into fusion. It is a mechanic that makes it possible to combine two monsters together and make it a fusionmonster for a certain amount of time. These fusionmonsters will be epic, big and intense. They will be stronger than just the stats of the 2 coromon together. Fusion can’t always be activated, to activate fusion you need to have a full fusion capsule. You can fill the capsule by fighting monsters and trainers. The energy of the fight (damage done and received) will be captured and stored in your fusion capsule. If the fusion capsule is full the “fuse” option will become available.
There are 21 different fusionmonsters to create. The type of fusion Monster that will appear is based on the coromon’s “fusion type”. Each monster has an elemental as well as a fusion type. Fusion types can be something like: wings, mech/spiked, ooze, tentacles, shadow/dark or aura. You can combine any of these together. For example you can combine a coromon with a “shadow type” with a “spiked type” to spawn the ShadowSpiked fusionmonster. Each coromon has 2 special fusion skill slots; they will both take these skills to its fusion form.

In the lore you get to know you live in a world in which a power manifests itself in the form of crystals. This power (which is yet to be named, but lets call it psy) exists everywhere. The source of psy is said to be located beneath an island far from the mainland. This source, in the form of a crystal, branches off underground towards the mainland. In our world, there are seven places where these branches surface, attracted to element-heavy area’s (like a volcano for fire-element). Humans discovered they could harness the power inside the crystal by constructing a gauntlet, which can absorb this power and channel it into the world.
These surfaced crystals can be found at hard-to-reach locations and play a huge part in the lore. The player has got access to his own gauntlet. When the player defeated the crystal guardian he charges his gauntlet on the crystal and obtains a new power or a upgrade on an already existing power.
There are three different powers to obtain. “Energy bubble” to walk on special terrains; “Energy dash” to overcome world obstacles and Energy push/possess to move objects around.

--Current state of the game--
A big part of the game is already programmed! and some is designed too!
We have uploaded a video to show you what the game looks likes now.
Keep in mind there are loads of objects/interface elements that are way from final.
Stuff clearly not designed yet: worldInterface, tabBar, title Screen, some buttons, battles, monsterSprites (we got them from pokemon now for demo purposes) and also objects in the world like: lava, water, blocks, powers (we want to make them visually cool).

--What will you be doing?--
In general, you will be helping us design this game. We are in need of two pixel artists. An artist that will focus on the battles. We are aiming to make the battles feel fast, with great visuals (like spells in the “golden sun” games). Don’t mind the Pokémon sprites that are used now, we are aiming for a  different style, open for suggestions.
The other artist will focus on the tilesets and the spritesheets for the world maps. The world map has places like: Water temples, volcanos, graveyard, desert, snow and more.
But both of the artist will definitely be involved in stuff like interface and other game elements too!
Communication is very important in our team as well as working on this project with passion to make this a success. You will be involved with all aspects in this project. You can come with your own ideas or discuss ours. We want to make this game a product of all of us.

The game will eventually be sold in the appstores. We are thinking about a price between $1 or $2 but it will be discussed later on.
We expect you to commit yourself to this project and our partnership.
As you will be a full project member just like us, the profits will be split depending on how much you added to the game.

Are you the one that can make this game a big success? Or do you have any questions? Mail me at and maybe you could already show us some work you made.
Kind regards,

Team Coromon

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