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[PAID] Pixel clean up artist

on: March 12, 2015, 11:23:53 am

We are individuals based in Toronto, Canada / Melbourne, Australia. The project is an adventure game centred around two girls and a semi-spooky university.

Looking for pixel clean up artist (no previous pixel experience required):

The Job: Freelance; Sporadic, but guaranteed to have several thousand dollars worth of work available over the next year. You would be required to sign a contract and work under me to clean up pixel art assets for an indie adventure game. These have a limited palette with simple shading.

Job duties: Would be required to take animations of characters performing actions in 8 directions and clean up the shading to make them consistent. An example would be a woman walking in 8 different directions with the shading matching in such a way that she can easily change directions mid step without colours popping, shadows changing or lighting changing direction.

You would be given a file with the base sprites near completion animation the animation already completed.

Skills Needed: Strong attention to detail and eye for neatness. Prefer artists with animation skills over illustration. Can follow instructions to a T. This is not a project that requires personal flair. Bonus pay available if you can animate the actions for me as well. Flipping/mirroring sprites and reusing assets will definitely work in your favour. Prefer those who can work in graphicsgale.

Pay Rates: All pay is in CAD and paid through paypal upon completion and approval from my boss and me. Sprite cleanup is $1-$1.50/frame depending on the level of detail, and full sprite creation is $3/frame. Rates work out to around $500-750 a sprite sheet. Would not be required to put together the sprite sheets.

How to apply: Email me at <> with "Sprite art test" in the subject. Link me to your portfolio, work or blog and write a short message on why you’re applying. You will then be given an unpaid art test where you will be required to clean up a few shadows on one character rotation. Successfully completing it will get you an interview and possible job offer.


This is a long term position. We are looking for people who will be willing to do regular work and being the main artist. We are NOT looking for part timers or people who cannot commit.

Please allow 2 weeks or more for us to get back to you with art tests due to life stuff (obviously!)
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