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List of colors [citation needed]

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Nice Ai, but I thought the whole purpose of the challenge is that the only control over you had was you got to select 8 consecutive colors?

Current work.

In that case, the first image I generated would still be useful -- it records the wikipedia colors in order, left to right, top to bottom.. so if you want to just grab any horizontal 8px chunk, it should be valid per the criteria you specify. Or any 8px chunk that wraps over 2 consecutive scanlines.

However if that is what Crow meant, it needs clarification. 'sequence of colors' doesn't mean the same thing as 'contiguous sequence of colors' or 'consecutive colors from the wikipedia list'. The example shows a contiguous sequence of colors, but since there is only one example, I didn't take it as definitive. (I actually took it as 'fucked if I know what that means')

True that. I had assumed continuous sequence of colors so that's what I'm rolling with. Need clarification cause I could really go for a green. >.>

Here's a more convenient version of my image, with colors laid out horizontally in wikipedia order in a 1159x1 image, in case that interpretation is correct. Any 8px selection from this should be a valid palette, so you can just zoom in and scroll till you find a likely looking chunk.

Added "consecutive" to the color choice rule. I thought the "no other colors inbetween!" bit would've made it clear :( The way I see it, lachrymose, you could have green, if you give up the first color in your palette ;) Difficult choices, eh?

Also, thanks Ai for the efforts :)


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