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List of colors [citation needed]

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I tried the Serenity and I think it looks pretty good.
I can only imagine what horrific and monstrous blob I would have created if I had drawn this with my hands. D:
I'm a dev that doesn't yet understand the ways of art, so as always advice and critique are welcome!


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Blech, I can't make good color palettes for the life of me. I don't even know what this is. Some sort of cyborg with a lightbulb skull????

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huge fan of this!!!


--- Quote from: Night on February 21, 2015, 07:58:43 pm ---A couple more, experimented a bit with hatching in the first one, but the results are kinda meh.

colours used:
 Old Burgundy   
 Old Gold
 Old Heliotrope
 Old Lace
 Old Lavender
 Old Mauve
 Old Moss Green
 Old Rose

 Cerulean Frost
 CG Blue
 CG Red   
 Charleston Green
 Charm Pink

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This is good.

sequence of colors doesn't mean the same thing as 'contiguous sequence of colors' or 'consecutive colors from the wikipedia list'. The example shows a contiguous sequence of colors, but since there is only one example, I didn't take it as definitive.

hello! i'm new to this site and haven't done pixel art in a long while, but i decided i'd get back into the whole chippy style of things, seeing as i also got back into chiptune recently

it's my hand >>

critique is welcome!  :)


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