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List of colors [citation needed]

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List of colors

This is something I came up with recently while browsing Wikipedia's list of colors. I thought some combinations would make for an interesting palette. Add some challenge factors and you have yourself an activity :)

This is how it works:

* Create a palette of 8 colors (no less, no more) by choosing a sequence of eight consecutive colors (no other colors inbetween!) on Wikipedia's list of colors: A-F, G-M, N-Z
* Create art with it! You don't get transparency. Besides that, there is no topic or canvas size restriction, but..
* .. you have to use all eight colors from your palette in your final piece.
* Of course, feel free to create multiple pieces.
That's it! To clear up possible confusion, here's an example of a valid palette (screenshot from Wikipedia):

Have fun!

Are we allowed to post WIPs for feedback here or should we start a thread in the "Pixel Art" forum?


--- Quote from: lachrymose on February 16, 2015, 05:28:18 pm ---Are we allowed to post WIPs for feedback here or should we start a thread in the "Pixel Art" forum?

--- End quote ---

You can post them here, sure! This is not a thread only meant for your finished products. You can also discuss potential palette candidates if you wish.


What I'm working with right now.
Tried to get as many Samus + Metroid colors as I could. Would rather trade one of those oranges/pinks for a green or another blue though.  :mean:
Just looking for general thoughts!

This would be a little more approachable with an easily browseable palette.

So I made a 'webscraper' (it reads saved wikipedia HTML and outputs a .GPL file.)
Source is here.
Output is here -- in the same order as shown in Wikipedia, ie. alphabetical.
I also used GPick to make a few sorted versions:
(hue, luminance) sorted
(luminance, hue) sorted

Screenshots, which I guess you can eyedrop from:

Also, here are some compact images (wiki color list is 1159 items long, which equals 19*61 px):

Obviously if you wanted to be able to name which colors you had picked, you'd need to search the wiki pages (probably using the hex code, since that is clearly displayed.)


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