AuthorTopic: Hexquisite Corpse 4 (on pause)  (Read 52821 times)

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Re: Hexquisite Corpse 4 (on pause)

Reply #120 on: August 08, 2020, 05:51:50 am
Haven't given up on this. I'll try to contact Indigo right now. Keep moving team!
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Re: Hexquisite Corpse 4 (on pause)

Reply #121 on: August 10, 2020, 01:24:59 am
Update(8/20): I polished up my tiles just a bit, not much though, and have added them to the progress file. I don't want to spend any more time on them, and i think this will have to be their final versions, whether or not i spot any problem going forward. ...i added a little black there along the righthand side of T2...  ...also fixed the top of T31...

Important to note: i don't have access to the full tiles(and shouldn't for now, since i may draw more tiles).
Anyway go #JoJo2020!

...and, as I understand it, the following 12 8 7 tiles are currently available:

T2(Done! by hANshOTtH3RD)
T7(Done! by hANshOTtH3RD)
T31(Done! by hANshOTtH3RD)
T40(Done! by hANshOTtH3RD)
T88(┐┐WIP carson333??)

at this point i think my current tiles are done, although I may still decide to do more tiles. I guess it all depends on if i have time, and if this challenge resumes or not... anyone else bugged that you can't zoom the progress image in the browser(nor the hex_3 final image for that matter)? more thing(very sorry), why are the progress file's layers set to "background-combine-combine-replace"?
the template is "background-combine-combine-combine"... and there is no transparency allowed afaik...
I've actually decided to try and fix this: I un-optimised and re-optimised the main progress gif. I had some problems with the last frame adding transparency, and ended up also having to manually edit the layer attribute to get it to work. It appears to be unchanged; all i did was change layer 4 from replace to combine then un-optimised and re-optimised; here it is if anyone want's to double-check me:

I also took the liberty to fix that stray pixel on the right hand border of T47. There were some other issue, which I've already pm'd Indigo about, that i did not fix now; mostly the issue with the border between T56 & T46, and the lack of animation to T23, also some questions about the progress of various tiles that were claimed but never completed... idk i almost want to fix the T56 border issue myself(though for now it remains), but I think T23 basically requires a do-over -- unless Grossly Incandescent can come and finish it.

...don't forget to #WearAMask ...also #DavidBelkMD is a wise man!
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