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[Paid]Top down Dungeon Crawler

on: February 12, 2015, 03:25:17 am

SpicyCrab here, I have spent the last 4 months working on an independent game project for which we need quite a bit of pixel art done. So far, all art in the game has been cobbled together by our programming team from resources online or provided by friendly amateurs who wanted to contribute. Almost all of this art needs to be replaced before release.

We are looking to hire on a professional pixel artist to help us develop a cohesive visual style for the game and to produce quite a bit of pixel art.

This is a serious project which we have poured hundreds of hours of design and programming in to already (with plenty more to come.) and which has received quite a bit of positive feedback from testers.

Art Style:

This is a top down dungeon crawler with versus play as well. To get an idea of the type of art we need you can watch this sample video of the current build of the game. Most art you see is placeholder art which needs to be replaced.

(This video is a bit outdated and the artists i mention in the video are no longer attached to the project.):


We have two different options as far as payment for this project that we would be interested in offering.

1) The Kickstarter Plan (Paid up front):  We would ask you to do a fraction of the work (enough for us to complete the first three to four floors of the dungeon) for a reasonable paid rate.  After that, we will be doing a kickstarter to secure more funds which we can use to pay you to finish out the art design of the later game enemies and items. . You can tell us how much you want to finish the project and we will build that in to the cost we are asking from backers.  If we don't raise enough to pay you for further development from the kickstarter, then your responsibility to the project would be over. Either way, you will get paid up front.

2) The revenue share plan:  We would be more than willing to establish a partnership with a skilled artist to get in at the ground floor of development.  We would not be paying you directly for your services up front but would be willing to negotiate a percentage of all revenues attained for the project after release or during kickstarter.  We believe that our game has the potential to generate a large sum of money if things go well and this may end up being a much more lucrative option than the former for those willing to jump in bed with us and take a risk.

3) Some combination of the two plans: We can negotiate a kind of combination of either of these two plans with you directly. The more you want up front the smaller a revenue share we can offer you. Just let us know if that's what you'd like to do.

The specific price that we are going to want to pay for your work is going to depend on your experience level, the quality of your work, your reputation (if any) and your level of commitment. We will need to negotiate that on a case by case basis as we are an independent team and we are bankrolling this project ourselves. That being said, we do have a budget and we are looking for someone whose competence we can count on in terms of deadlines and who can lend a visually distinctive and appealing style to the game. We know that comes with a price.


The deadline for this project is going to be sometime in early July.  We need quite a bit of work done during that time.

Assets Needed:

Tiles: (128x128, unanimated) A full top down tile set; the one you see in the video needs to be replaced.

Interface: Bubble Text Title Screen image (size tbd).  Depending on budget we may also want some still frames of the characters in fully drawn scenes for the story scroll at the beginning.

Pickup graphics: (64x64, unanimated) swords, coins, hearts, boots, spellbooks, keys, treasure chests, etc... these items do not need to be animated and many can be heavily based on each other (spell books look mostly identical, for example)

Monster graphics: (32x32 to 128x128)zombies, wizards, knights, etc... these vary in size.  These need to be animated with simple walk cycles and attack animations facing just to the right, (not 4 direction) We do not need too many frames of animation on these, maybe 12 per enemy or so.

Other: Our player characters are already animated, and depending on price we may ask you to redo those as well. We'll need to feel that out depending on artist.

About Us / Contact:

If you are interested and you would like to discuss specific numbers/options please provide a sample of your work at the below e-mail (we are looking in several places for possible partners so please e-mail me rather than posting in this thread.)

Payment Service: We are flexible but will likely be paying through paypal or a similar service.  Depending on your reputation we would be happy pay 1/2 up front and 1/2 upon completion.

Email address:

Company website: Currently being made.

Previous projects: This is our first major project intended for widespread release.
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