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Pixel Artist Sought After

on: February 11, 2015, 08:37:13 am
Hi there.

I'm Eiliya, and I like to consider myself a beginner indie game developer. At this very moment, I'm looking for a pixel artist who might be willing to work together with me on my first project. It's a simple 2D platformer where you climb the inside of a massive tree inorder to defeat the boss that await at the top. Artwise, what I'm looking for is a tileset that works with the theme of the game, a small set of enemy sprites (complete with simple animations), the boss sprite (which will need to be a little more complex than the regular enemies), and finally the player charater, of course. I'm thinking I might need some kind of "background" thing as well, to show behind the actual maps, and immobile stuff that aren't tiles (like a ladder to the player to climb up, for example, and coins to collect for points or something).
  • For the tiles, I'm thinking a set of three or four tiles should be enough, since I do not plan to have any slopes in the game. As such, I'm guessing I'll need a "ground" tile (where the player walks on), a "platform" tile (kinda like a thinner version of the ground tile, maybe?), a "filler" tile (something to fill the empty spaces below the ground tiles) and then maybe a special tile (leaves for the boss room, or something maybe?).
  • For the monsters, I'm thinking I might need some bees or birds, some larvae, ants or maybe a spider, as well as some small monkeys. The monster AI is so simple it's silly: With the exception of the monkeys, all they do is walk back-and-forth. In addition to this walking animation, the monkeys also need an animation where they toss something (a banana, maybe?) towards the player.
  • The boss should simply be a tougher version of the monkeys from inside the tree, and will need the same animations as them, of course, as well as a jumping animation and some kind of special attack (the nature of which I haven't really decided yet).
  • Next, we have the player character. This sprite will need animations for being idle, walking, jumping and taking damage. I'm thinking I should put in some kind of attack as well, but I haven't really decided on this yet.
  • Lastly, I'm thinking a seamless image of the inside of a treetrunk would work for the background while climbing the tree, and an image of leaves (no need for them to be seamless) might work as the background for the bossroom. As for non-mobile objects, I'm thinking that maybe a ladder and something to collect might be enough.
  • The pixel dimensions of my "grid" is 32 by 32 pixels. One tile should fit within one of these squares. I'm thinking the platform tile should be thinner than a normal tile, but I don't really know by how much (half, maybe?). The flying monsters should fit within one square, while the crawling ones should be 1 square high and 2 squares wide. Both the player sprite and the monkey sprites should be 2 squares tall and 1 square wide. The boss... I dunno, just make it look good and I'll adapt my coding after it.
Now, as I mentioned before, I'm new to this, and as such I might very well have missed some important stuff in my list of assets I'm looking for. I'm also aware that most artists would like getting payed for their work (makes sense, of course) but since I don't really know how much to offer for the art I'm looking for, I'd like to ask the artist what they wanna get payed for doing it, instead. From what I understood, this way of asking means that my work is unpayed (this makes no sense to me) and as such I have to post it here in the unpaid section.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to any replies.

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Re: Pixel Artist Sought After

Reply #1 on: February 13, 2015, 01:24:42 pm
Look at my portfolio If you are interested write to me -

Here's example similar to your tileset list :