AuthorTopic: [CLOSED] Pixel art for sci-fi roguelike  (Read 1908 times)

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[CLOSED] Pixel art for sci-fi roguelike

on: January 20, 2015, 03:35:40 am
Update 1/26: We've received a large number of applications, more than enough to find the artist we need.

I'm the lead (read: only ;)) dev at Grid Sage Games, working towards releasing Cogmind, a modern take on the traditional roguelike genre. Cogmind was already named one of the upcoming Best PC Games of 2015 by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, so we're on the right track ;D

In addition to the existing ASCII style, we'll be needing a tileset to make the game accessible to an even wider audience. This job's specifications, considerations, workload, requirements, etc. have been posted in a centralized location here:

If you may be interested, check it out for all the details and more related images.

A general visual introduction to Cogmind:

Animated ASCII Title Logo

Destruction, Animated

Examining/Managing Parts (UI excerpt)

Activating a Terrain Scanner

EMP Explosion

See the Cogmind website for much more.
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