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Hi All,

A quick little intro from me, I'm a hobbyist developer that's been creating games for the last 12 years. I develop using MMF 2.5 dev, which allows me to export to iOS, HTML5, Flash etc etc. I've been focusing on Flash for a while as this had been the most profitable area for me. You can see some of my games here: I've been itching to do a cross-platform game for a while and that's why I'm here.

As the title explains, this is what I'm looking for. The game is set on a base orbiting a remote planet. The player will work their way through 7 levels (prison, 2 engineering levels, barracks, lab, bridge and dock). This won't just be a shoot everything and not think game, it will be more puzzle/logic orientated.

The basic premise is this, the main character is a ranking officer for the Galactic Empire (name to be amended ofcourse) and is the leader of a small exploratory mission sent to investigate strange signals coming from a planet in the Epsilon Boötis system. Upon arrival his team are slaughtered and he is captured and thrown in to an unlit locked room to await further questioning.

The character is then helped to escape by an unknown friendly on the base. The player will then take control of the character and escape from the base whilst discovering more about the secret power that has captured him (The Domain) and collecting pieces of a data card that will pinpoint the locations of other Domain bases spread throughout the universes.

The Domain were thought to be destroyed, a children’s bedtime story to keep them obedient. They strip the souls from all forms of intelligent life to force them in to being their servants by trapping them in specially designed mech-bio suits and machines. As the player progresses he will find this all out and help to destroy the facility with his unknown accomplice and her team.

If you're interested, please pop me a PM with examples of your previous work (or even quick mock-ups for your ideas on this game) along with details of your rate per hour.

I don't have an asset list but would rather work with the artist on a level by level basis and exchange ideas.

I'm looking for this to be decent quality, so only serious PM's please. I don't mind someone who doesn't have much experience in creating a game or something similar but I do want evidence that you can complete a decent sized project.

PM's or an email please to

Many Thanks,

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