AuthorTopic: [Paid] Pixel art for Picma, a picture logic game  (Read 1702 times)

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[Paid] Pixel art for Picma, a picture logic game

on: October 18, 2014, 01:03:08 pm
Hey everyone,

My name is Eduardo and I'm half of Moonberry Studios, a rather tiny indie game dev from Portugal.

We're currently working on the latest version of Picma, a picture logic game of ours that goes back to 2009. You can play the latest version here:

The game has an online editor and with the help of our players we have over the years amassed over 25.000 puzzles across 3 different game types. Here are a few pictures that should give you a good idea of what the puzzles are about:

We already have a lot of great images/puzzles, however we want to create a small selection of truly awesome puzzles (of specific themes) to showcase the game and inspire our players. That's where you come in. ;)

The theme for this first batch of pixel art is fantasy/steampunk. We want you to illustrate, pixel by pixel the items/creatures/machines/etc from the world where this game is set. There, in one of the many taverns in one of the busiest cities, an adventurer relaxes with their daily dose of Picma puzzles, much like people around here do newspaper crosswords and sudokus.

There are a few important constraints. You will need to use our editor to submit the artwork and about 40% of the puzzles will need to be single-colour, the remaining 60% can have a maximum of 7 colours (out of 21). Sizes will range from 5x5 to 50x50 pixels.

As a tiny studio we don't have much, but this is a paid commission. Please poke us with samples or examples of your previous work and your rates, keeping in mind the constraints above!

You can get in touch through pm's or by email:

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you guys/gals!

(Even if you're not interested in applying we could really use your feedback on the game as a whole and in particular on the image editor/palette choice.)