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on: July 01, 2014, 07:55:35 pm
so, there is this world I made up a long time ago, and I revisit it every so often and do a little more with it. I just finished my bachelor's and thought I would 'go back to the beginning', or at least a long way back in my design journal. there are a little over 50 games in my journal, J'Charra is one of my favorites. Itis a series. The first two games (northern seas and southern lakes) use the same engine and art style and are set in the same era. The sequel uses updated graphics, is more expansive and is set about a thousand years later.

here is some of the art I am making for the first game. Some is just placeholder, others are going into the game. a lot of this stuff is rendered models I have been collecting for 13 or so years or stuff ive modeled myself. I use photos from public domain sites and the scale, cut, skew, rotate etc, cut the palette down and hue shift to get what I want. Rendering I do the same thing, just over a transparent canvas and I have more control over lighting. I also have some software that renders 2d tiles using textures and masks.

Im sure a lot of these look over saturated or even blurry. A lot of this is just stuff I had laying around, as I get more into the project, the more my assets will be custom for the project, but the workflow is the same. There is some 'cutting room floor' in here, but Im interested in feedback on it anyway. I intend to update as I move forward in the project.

Design Document (currently around 30 pages, enjoy)

Character Generation


Combat 'napkin' sketch

Combat mockup

Combat mockup crystal/spell use

Dragon Frog rough model, a boss monster in the north, a common enemy in the south

very ugly trees

better trees

some color

lots of color, rainbow forest

final trees

first trees

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Re: J'Charra

Reply #1 on: July 02, 2014, 01:55:59 am
10/10, would.
Really good pixel art.
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Re: J'Charra

Reply #2 on: February 23, 2015, 04:44:19 pm
I'm really impressed by the amount of work you've put into this already. I don't always see a solo project that has this much lore written out. the tree models in particular remind me of Baldur's Gate a little bit.

Still, this leaves me wondering what kind of game you're going for. I can guess based on what is shown that you're either going for a mix of Baldur's gate style exploration with a final fantasy/fire emblem combat system or a more open world style game with no fixed story.

Overall, I hope to see what you have planned. I give what you got 9/10.