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[PAID] TeddyTech seeking Pixel Artist

on: September 23, 2014, 08:20:27 pm
The Project
Hello avid pixel people, with your amazing art and unique styles.
Our project has always been attracted to pixel art and the unique style and depth it can bring with such techniques.

So the project is developing pixel art for a 55x40mm space.

We would like applicants to either send portfolios or to send in artwork appropriate for this 55x40mm space for as many pixels as you wish.
If you wish to submit specific bespoke artwork, please submit pixel art of a barista looking threatening, however you wish to portray this, wielding a coffee, steaming someones face.
This choice we leave to you.

We are interested in all applicants even if this is a hobby for you and you have 3 pictures you've thrown together or if you have dedicated your life to the fine art of pixel art, we want to hear from you.

This position will be a long term paid position and you will be working closely with the lead developers for the project.
There are further projects in the pipe line and we will be looking for more work in the future, so even if we do not pick you for this exact project, we will add you to our database and if for a future project we would like to work with you personally we will contact you.

For the applicant chosen we will work out costings and contracts. Then as the project progresses through funding and further levels of artistic development being required we will develop contracts for further work.

We are currently an upstarting company with a fun vibrant team committed to creating fun enjoyable content for everyone who uses our products and we look forward to sharing more of our project with you and working with you to create something great.

We really hope to hear from you soon :)

It takes two seconds to send an application or a portfolio, that could change a lot for both of us.

Please send all applications, portfolios, submissions, jokes and thoughts of the day too