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[PAID] Artist/Animator needed.

on: September 29, 2014, 04:15:29 pm

Hey everyone.
My name is John Common I'm artist, coder designer and founder at CSR-Studios.  I am currently working on a game called Dead Pixels II: Straight to Video.  You can see screenshots here

It's a side scrolling, randomly generated, shooter with loot, zombies, 4 player co-op and RPG elemenets.  It takes a lot of inspiration from the horror movies of the late 80's early 90's and has a VHS/CRT filter. I hope to release on PC, Mac and Linux next year and consoles will follow.

Up until now I've been doing art, design and coding by myself and this year is probably the year that has broken me. After looking at my time it seems art is the bottle neck.  While I like doing art, there are some parts that I struggle with and spend far to long working on, and if I spend to much time on art then coding suffers for it.  So I decided to accept defeat and look for someone to offload some of this on. ideally someone better than me.

What I'm looking for
Ideally I'm looking for someone that can take my art make improvements and animate it.  If things are going well and they are able to emulate my art style, we could move to me just giving descriptions and references for them to work from. There may also be some going through some of my stuff and improving it.

I will still be doing some art going forward, but I think I'm better not doing things I struggle with and staying with the stuff that doesn't need animated.

I'm open to discussions on payment.  I would prefer to pay for work done rather than a rev share.

I can be reached by PM or email at