AuthorTopic: [PAID] Pixel Artist up for a challenge? Animation for Character Base  (Read 2976 times)

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Hi prospective pixel artist,
My name is Ethos and I am looking for a pixel artist looking for a challenge.  My team is currently working on a multiplayer online game and have been stuck in a rut recently.  We have tried but so far all of the people we originally hired backed out on the work due to either personal issues or just be unreliable. Hopefully, you can be the one to help us out and get paid. :)

What we need
We need someone to help animate our player character base of the game.  For right now our priority is a running animation for 4 directions. Frames per direction can be discussed based on budget and recommendation. This is an action type of game so we need the animation to have that proud action type of flow to it.  Depending on how things work out we may hire you again to do more animations for the project.

Here is a front back and side example of the base we have created and need animation.

Skills Required
-Skillful pixel art
-Able to make pixel art simple yet elegant (just like the base's shading)
-reliable and accountable
- prefer someone who is free currently or fast (recommended)

Details of payment will be sorted out when we talk. We are very open to negotiating and come up with a good plan.
We will also include a contract so everyone is on the same page.

-reliable Reliable RELIABLE!
-put your all into the task at hand
-easy to reach and fast to respond
-We would prefer you have a skype but email is also fine.

Contact Us
You can email me at
for even faster communication add me on skype: ionicsavior

Thanks and hope to hear from you!
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