AuthorTopic: [PAID] Looking for 2D artists (long or short term work)  (Read 2800 times)

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Medabots Online

A 2D over world style, turn-based game in the making, utilizing HTML5 and Node.js technologies as the first FREE Medabots web-browser based MMORPG that provides a traditional Medabots game play style with a unique modern twist.

We're looking for 2D artists to
  • produce a character base
  • make character hairstyles and clothing
  • create tilesets

We're only looking for artists to work on the overworld section of the game as the actual battle elements occur separately and are already accounted for.


MBO is going to be a free to play game and is a fan run project, due to this, our budget is quite limited but we intend to pay a fair wage. We we're thinking of something along the lines of $10-$20 an hour but this is completely negotiable - we're able to pay you hourly, daily on a flat rate and etc.

Note: We do not have a graphics style for the overworld yet so we encourage all spriters/pixel artists to get in touch no matter what your style is.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to reply to messages here but I will try my best - preferably please contact me on skype at: Medz03[at]hotmail[dot][com].