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Pixel Artist For Hire! [PAID]

on: August 07, 2014, 05:21:53 am
Hello , My name is Hebron E. Swaray.
I am a Pixel Artist!

Somethings About Me:
Well for start i am 14 yrs old , and i have been doing pixel art for quite sometime.
My Brother is a Computer tech major and actually he taught me about getting into
Game development.
I am always looking to make a quick buck
 or have a job of this sort because its skimpily what i love doing.
I am your go to pixel artist and your friendly neighbor if you will haha.
I accept Payments from these Funding Sources: Paypal , Or anything
 that can Transfer money to a Bank-card/Debit-card.

My Goals:
My dream is to become a Indie Game Pixel Artist
or a Game Development/Graphics Major.
Hopefully Get something going with a major game company,
But for now id like to start with small jobs such as mobile apps
or C++ Games or any language type.
Every New assignment is a Adventure for me.

Some Of My Art:

Contact Information:
via-Skype: Hebron Swaray
or just Send Me a Message on this websites Chat.
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