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[paid] Low Res Tiles for Mobile Game

on: July 22, 2014, 05:59:03 pm
Hello everybody,

I'm looking for a 2d pixel artist for a few tilesets for a mobile strategy game. More specifically, I'm looking for the following:

- Tile Resolution: 16*16px, for a map size of 160x192px. General Level of detail should be between a Game Boy Color Game and a Game Boy Advance Game. No maximum colours or other limitations, image files should be RGB + alpha for background.

A - Overworld tileset for a village in 4 different "Ages" of development, from a small camp to a successful renassaince town ( 1 or 2 tiles max for village). 4 or more variations. 2d top overhead view (Like 1st Civilization, Colonization).

B - Outside tilesets for the buildings. 4 tilesets, one for each age. Each of them should be comprised of 16-32 elements max in order to create several buildings for town square, for a 160x192px map. Proportion-wise, 1 tile is the maximum height for human characters. Front/top view, like Game Boy Zelda.

Style: the buildings/cities, all four "ages", should be in a sort of middle-age time period. They should be in a  "realistic" style, with a slightly pastel/washed out colour palette. Anime style should be avoided, but "chibi" style like tiny tower could be alright.

Commercial Usage: As I said, I'll be using them in a commercial game - but I don't need an exclusive license, so your previously made tile packs should be ok, as long as they fit these requirements.

Send your questions and portfolio/rates at: contact(at)