AuthorTopic: [PAID] Pixel artist needed to create traditional RPG characters and enemies  (Read 2339 times)

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Hi everyone, I am working on a new 3D dungeon crawler that harks back to the good old retro days of games like Gauntlet 2, Dungeons and Dragons, Eye of the Beholder etc...

The game is made in 3D an uses a retro pixel design, but the characters and enemies are 2D sprites.

I am looking to work with someone to create the main characters and the enemies. I am looking for really traditional swords and sorcery stuff here, with a western style (ie more realistic, not cutesy JRPG).

I will pay on a per sprite basis and this will be a reasonably long term engagement over the next 6 months so could be a nice little source of extra income for someone. I am happy to negotiate a price per sprite, or if you work to a reasonable pace I will pay the going rates based on experience (around 10-15$ per hour for a beginner, around $20-30 per hour for someone with good experience and output, and upto $50 per hour for someone with pro level output and fast delivery).

As said before though, too keep costs predictable (and scalable) I would prefer to pay on a per sprite basis, but we can negotiate this later.

I am an independent developer who is paying for this out of my day job, so please be aware that I am willing to pay the going rate, but it needs to be reasonable with solid delivery expected.

To start with, please can you send a sample of your work over to me and when I find someone who has the right art style I am looking for, we will discuss terms and payment.

In the end, I will be looking for something like the following.
32 - 64 pixel sprites, 4 way with attacking, jump and death anims. 4 - 5 frames per animation for smooth anims and good idle anims too.


Basic Skeleton
Skeleton Archer
Skeleton Warrior
Skeleton Lord
Lizardman Warrior
Lizardman Mage
Lizardman Priest
Lizardman King
Stone Golem
Iron Golem
Rune Golem
Giant Spider
Giant Rat

That's the current list but it may get bigger the further we move on together!

If you are interested and want to send me your sprite portfolio, please email me at and send me:

Portfolio / samples
Contact Details
Price Rate (if you have one per sprite)

I am looking to move quick on this, so please get in touch soon.

Kindest Regards,

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Apologies, I should have said in my original post that this is for a first person angle, not top down.

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Thanks to all those that have got in touch, the position is now filled. :)