AuthorTopic: (WIP) C64 Cutscene  (Read 2120 times)

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(WIP) C64 Cutscene

on: July 09, 2014, 09:21:02 am
Working on some faux-C64 cutscenes for a freelance project.

(the shot will pan across)

I should probably add some of the other colours in but i'm finding really difficult to introduce them into the picture.  A little at the end of my rope with this one tbh. Help, edits, anything would be really useful. I just need a new perspective or i'll be scrapping it and starting again.
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Re: (WIP) C64 Cutscene

Reply #1 on: July 10, 2014, 03:15:19 am
I actually think this is looking great, unless there's a good reason to introduce more colours it works really well as is, especially when I "pan" it using my hands. The use of only a couple of colours reminds me of this piece by Helm which I always liked cause it didn't try to use the whole palette.

The rim lighting on the characters is maybe a bit much in places, mainly on the staff and around where the character meets the tree, I would say either get rid of it on the tree or pull the character to the left a bit, you're confusing the depth. If you're going with the brown light maybe consider throwing that up on the tree and maybe even as a secondary light source on the characters. The perspective is a bit wonky but you can get away with a lot with a panning camera so I wouldn't worry about it too much.