AuthorTopic: Really simple character sprite modification for simple game  (Read 3461 times)

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Hi everybody,

I am working on a really simple 2D game. I intend for the game to not even be a full length game, but more a "short game" (like a short film, but a game instead).
The game is essentially a side-scroller, although there are some non-conventional aspects as well. I can do most of the sprite work on my own or with existing free resources, but character art is always the failing point for all my games.

The game:
The game still has a lot of work to go, but I don't expect it to actually take long.
The story of the game is essentially: A pirate crew in search of treasure discovers instead a dark place where they must eventually defeat Fate in order to survive (Fate being the final boss).
The game will be released open source under a Beerware license (essentially Public Domain), so it is important to me that all artwork used in the game also be licensed in the Public Domain. Although I am requiring Public Domain artwork (Public Domain, CC0, etc..)
I also want to release the sprites later for others to use under the public domain.

I will not be selling or profiting from this game, so my budget is not high. However, I also have no need for very high-quality work. As long as the final sprites are not hideous (close to matching the style of other sprites), and can be recognized easily as pirates, it's good enough.

The sprites:
I have found this sprite:
Which is what I want to use as a base. This is licensed as CC0, which is the perfect license for my project.
it is 32x64 pixels. and

What I want is one or two pirate outfits for this base. Two types of outfits including separate boots, pants, and shirts/coats, and hats is ideal (so I can mix and match), but not a 100% requirement, I can go ahead with the game if I get only one outfit. However, I will need it to match the frames in the character sprite.
As far as exactly the details of the outfit, I'll leave that up to you, I just want something stereotypical.
This should be the only thing I need, and it does NOT need to be high quality work, just recognizable and mostly matching, minimal detail is best.

I would like to pay via paypal, hopefully this is reasonable.
I am not 100% sure what this kind of job should cost, this is the first time I have tried this, so bear with me. Keep in mind that the game is not for profit and I will be paying out of my own pockets. I also think it's probably a simple job, and shouldn't require too much time or effort. So let me know what you think it fair and reasonable.
I would like to not spend a fortune on this, but I'm also not afraid of putting a little bit of money out to get this done.
Anyone interested can contact me either here or by email ( and we can negotiate the exact price.


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Re: Really simple character sprite modification for simple game

Reply #1 on: June 05, 2014, 11:20:07 am
Hi there,

We sent you an email and hope to hear back from you regarding the work.

Please get back to us and let us know

Kind regards,
Robo Pixel Games
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