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DeathAvengers is a Zombie RPG that me and a friend of mine have been working on over the past two years. A prototype has been developed in a raw HTML5 / JS library, but we are currently porting it to GameSalad so we can release it over multiple platforms including mobile.  The Prototype is pieced together with weak graphics based off of various free graphics entities out there.  Our goal is to find one or more graphics artists who can help us give this game a consistent and quality look and feel.


We are looking to pay between 15-30$ an hour based on experience for phase 1 of the project.   Payment would be made via paypal,  half up front and half on completion based on milestones for the safety of both parties.   If you are a part of a freelance site, work could commence through that site for additional safety.   Phase 1 of the project would allow us the minimal graphics needed to give the prototype a quality look and feel.  Phase 2 if it continued would be to develop the additional art assets required to launch the game.  We are also open to profit share, for anyone who can provide the complete graphical package(UI / Sprites / animation / tile sheets), and has the time to commit to the project long term.

To Apply

Send an email to with the following:

   Samples of your work,
   What parts of the Phase 1 assets you are interested in working on
   Your hourly rate
   Your time estimats for any phase 1 assets you are interested in working on.  Please break it down by item you would like to participate in so we can accurately budget. 
   Your availability per week in hours(doesn`t necessarily have to be a lot)


   Graphics style is obviously key, and the more info you have to go off the better.  I`m not completely locked into one style type other than I do want a top down perspective(no isometric).   I have included a list of graphics and resources I have seen and what I like about them to give you a better idea:
      What I like:
         Modern day setting, story takes place in the near future, not fantasy land or sci fi future
         Broke down nature of things,  Cars should look tore up, windows broken, grass overgrown.
      What I don`t like:
         A little too on the cartoon anime side for what i am loking for.
         No Mutant zombies, tentacles, or third arms… 
      What I Like:
         Terrain..   Even though it has a SNES level of detail to it, you never see the "grid"  It seems very seemless.
         Characters..  I realize these are high quality and might be complex to create.  But this captures the more realistic look and less cartoon that I am looking for.
         Persepective.   This nails the pseudo overhead perspective I would love to have. 
         In particular check out the helios horror pack, and just look at the various images that scroll by.
         Really Really nice work
      What I Don't like:
         Really not much to not like,  everything is very well done, he just doesn`t have much in this genre…
      So this is more concept art.   But it kind of captures a couple things.  First again a zombie that is not so much mutated(missing arm and bloodstains,  offcolored skin).  At the same time quite unique,  he has a bit of a costume on,  has a unique body to him etc..   Alot of our zombie bad guys will be zombie farmers, fishermen,  nurses, truckers,  cops.  This concept art has the right balance of cartoon and realism…

Phase 1 assets

   1 Post Apocalyptic modern day tile set (64x64, 128x128, 256x256)
      Overgrown yard tile
      Street Tiles
      Sidewalk Tiles
      Dirt Patch / Path Tiles
      Overgrown Bush Tiles
      Fence Tiles
      Tree Sprite
      Broke Down Car Sprite

   Main Character Sprite Sheet (64x64 per frame)
      Walking in 8 directions
      Character should have hat on backwards, and wear a backpack.
      Face Portrait(64x64), shades, goatee, side burns, short dark brown hair

   Zombie Bad Guy Sprite Sheet   (64x64 per frame)
      Walking in 8 directions
      Face Portrait (64x64)
      Realistic looking zombie(should resemble a human that has turned not a mutated alien)
   Weapon Sprites (64x64)
      Baseball Bat
   Armor Sprites (64x64)
      Leather Jacket
      Rubber Gloves
   UI elements
      Menu Buttons (64x64)
         Map Button
         Attributes Button
         Weapons / Armor Button
         Crafting Button
         Inventory Button
         Zombie Pets button
         Sound On / Off Button
         Missions Button
         VIP Button
         Skills Button
         Digital Watch(not a button but just a watch face where the time can change)
      Player Status Bar (640x128)
         Should include Face portrait
         Health Bar
         Action Bar (similar to health this is a timer that shows when you can act again)
         Weapon Slot Wielded (should fit 64x64 weapon image)
         Weapon Slot Projectile(should fit 64x64 weapon image but have small overlay for Quantity)
         Skill Slot (64x64 slot for skill)
         Skill Slot 2 (64x64 slot for skill)
         Skill Slot 3 (64x64 slot for skill)
         Skill Slot 4 (64x64 slot for skill)
         VIP Slot 1 (64x64 slot for VIP button)
         VIP Slot 2 (64x64 slot for VIP button)
         VIP Slot 3 (64x64 slot for VIP button)
         VIP Slot 4 (64x64 slot for VIP button)
      Zombie Status Bar Friendly (160x64)
         Empty Slot Graphic
         Zombie Pet Graphic (include 64x64 for zombie portrait photo, health bar, attributes bar)
      Zombie Status Bar Enemy (160x64)
         Slot for Zombie portrait photo(64x64)
         Health Bar
         Attributes bar
         Small slot for target icon to indicate that is targeted zombie. Could also be bg color change(variable size)
      Menu Screens (832x512,  see game info below for more specifics)
         Attributes Screen
         Weapons and Armor Screen
         Inventory Screen
         Game over Screen (832x512)

The Death Avengers game

   The story centers around the main character Baxter Stone, an ordinary man turned freedom fighter in the wake of a zombie apocalypse.  After being separated from friends and family, and spending 6 weeks in an underground bunker,  Stone has decided he can no longer eat RTEs and hide in the darkness and decides to tackle the apocalypse and reconnect with what's left of the real world.  In an effort to reconnect with past friends and family he finds many of them to be turned, and is left with the brutal task of being a bounty hunter for what used to be left of his life.  With each death of a past friend or family member he takes one step closer to the finality and inevitability of the present.
   The story line gets more complex as he undercovers the secrets of the outbreak,  and finds out too late, that zombies still have part of their formerselves intact.  The game progresses to an epic boss battle to uncover the truth, and then a secret second quest that changes the entire game.  During the course of Stone's journey he can align with different factions which unlock unique missons, quests, gear, and story line. 
   The game it self is an action RPG that takes on a few unique elements to make it different from other RPGs and other zombie games out there.   While the battle mode resembles a traditional RPG with semi turn based fighting based off timers, additional zombies can close in during the fight and actually join the battle in real time.  Making not only your battle strategy critical and time sensitive, but also choosing when to engage in battles and when to run equally as strategic. 
   As with several zombie games in the world today, items can be crafted into better weapons or armor.  Some items extremely effective(the nail bat), while others more creative(trash can lid armor), and some just down right goofy(a foam finger with a screwdriver afixed to it).  Skill trees are available as each player can gain unique skils for use to develope their character, giving the game additional replayability factor.  The second quest also extends the game and a  captivating story line a whole additional chapter that users will clamor for. 
   Throughout stone's journey are many twists in the plot,  epic boss battles, and easter eggs galore….
The Prototype.

   To experiment with the prototype visit death avengers domain is currently propigating and may or may not work at the time of you reading this).  You need not login, simply click on play the game, and choose the RobTest Character. This prototype was built more to try out different features and build out aspects of the game, then to be a true walkthrough of the first few hours of gameplay. 
   Upon selecting the player you will be greeted with a topical map with a purple square, click it. This will bring you in closer to a overview map of a city with 5 zones. The middle zone(center in the row of 3), will give you a chance to experience some zombies and the perspective. You can see the graphics are bad,  the idea is a mostly overhead perspective but with characters that can face in 8 directions.   
   When a zombie appears you can see what kind it is by the face portrait(in the new version this will simply show the zombie animation),  if the zombie touches you the battle will start.  Once in a fight,  you have buttons for attacking and healing,  and a smaller picture of the map.   you will be able to see if aadditional zombies are moving in on your position.  Click the buttons to attack or heal,  you can change targets using the number keys(this will be improved in the new version),   each attack empties your action bar which can then refill. 
   Other modes to note.  Clicking the swords and shield bring up the weapons and armor.  Weapons show up at the top and you can click one to equip it,  armor shows up below with 5 slots, you can also click to equip.  Mouse over an item to see its stats.   The hammer and stake is the crafting mode.  By clicking on this yo uwill seee a list of items you can craft, click one to craft it and it will now show up in your inventory and weapons / armor screen.   Clicking the backpack shows your inventory and allows you to get rid of stuff if you want(less you have the faster you can move).   
   The prototype was developed in raw HTML5 / JS, we are porting it to gamesalad engine for a much more robust and cross platform experience.
If you have any questions please email me, as I am posting this on several sites and may not check back here too frequently.     


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Hi there,

We would love for a chance to work with you. We sent you an email and are now just wondering if this is still open. If it is, could you possibly provide us with some more information by emailing us and let us know:

No Pixels were harmed in the making of this post

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Hello,if you still need,I can make buttons for free,mail me:

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Email Sent  :y: