AuthorTopic: Pixel artist needed to create an animated soldier for a war game (top down view)  (Read 1649 times)

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About game:
Simple strategic war game for mobile devices (IOS, Android). Top down view, no isometric, no 2.5D.

Development status:
Early prototype.

What is required from 2d artist:
For the first iteration I only need animated soldier. Typical WW2 eqiupment. Old school head cask and rifle.
Animations: shooting and walking (one direction - forward). And a dead soldier's body.
Style: Cartoonish, large head and weapon is fine, simple and low detail is ok.

Payment is step by step.
Send me one sprite of soldier and I pay .
Send me walking animation, I pay.
Send me shooting animation, I pay.
Send me dead sprite, I pay.

2 day max for the whole job.

We might play around with first soldier to make it what I expect, but I don't really need much, if it fits into common cartoonish war theme then its ok.

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I have not created up down sprites,but i can help you,and try it;)
if , write