AuthorTopic: 2D artist needed for Old school 2D sidescroller, prototype inside.  (Read 1152 times)

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I'm a game developer with 8+ years of experience looking for a 2D artist for an old school sidescroller in the vein of games like Rondo of Blood and Valis III; The past weekend I participated in the Ludum dare competition in which you have to make a game in 48 hours, my entry was a classic old school sidescroller very similar to Castlevania, I had such a great time doing it that now I want to take the core of the game and make a proper old school sidescroller with proper art, my problem is I cant draw!   :blind:

I'm looking for someone who loves this kind of games and can make art similar in stile to Dracula X:Rondo of blood/symphony of the night (dark and anime-ish), it doesn't necessarily need to be pixel art (although it would be really cool) it can be vector or painted as long as it in that stile.

Here you can see a video of the game Rondo of blood, so you can check the stile and the gameplay I'm going for:

You can play the game I made for the competition online HERE:, obviously the game is in a really rough state and the art is crappy because everything was made by me in 48 hours, but the core is there. The game we will make will be a new game using the framework I made for this game.

I understand the amount of work required to do this kind of art (obviously I have tried to do it by my self), but I cant pay, I do this for fun and also I don't any money. However there is the possibility of selling the game for profit, there is a great niche for old school games nowadays, that's a possibility.

You can contact me by replying to this thread or by sending me a PM.

Kind regards
Rayco Santana
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