AuthorTopic: Looking for NGP-styled sprites for Action Hack n Slash game  (Read 1471 times)

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Hello. I am currently working on a sidescrolling Hack n Slash titled "Lightning Brawler Tesla." The gameplay is similar to that of Bayonetta or MGRR, but with tag team and in sidescrolling format.

I'm currently looking for someone who can do sprites done in the style of Neo Geo Pocket (Color) fighting games, as I feel this style would fit the tone of the game and would not be very costly. Speaking of cost, that itself would need to be negotiated, but I am currently doing this on pocket money and would prefer to keep it affordable. I would also prefer to pay per frame as opposed to per hour, but if you are one of those people who absolutely wants to be paid per hour, I would actually have to see you sprite it via google hangout or a stream or something.

If you to contact me via email, it's