AuthorTopic: [PAID/REVENUE-SHARING] Looking for a pixel artist to build a gaming EMPIRE  (Read 1614 times)

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Hey folks!
I'm looking for a reliable pixel craftsperson to work with on building a strong stable of games and apps. I've released several games (most recently mobile games) and I have done all of the art myself. It does not need to be said, I am not an artist, and my games show that. I am very much interested in partnering with someone who loves pixelart, and would like to make games as well!

I've tried to work with a few different pixel artists in the past, and nothing has worked out. Either they drop off the face of the Earth and stop communicating, or they don't do pixelart primarily and they fall out of love with the style half-way through the project. Needless to say, this has been quite discouraging. I have several games in the later stages of development that are waiting for art assets.

About me: I am very communicative, as I am always on Google Hangouts and available to talk at pretty much any time of day. I do have a day job, but it's at a desk so I can always give feedback or am available to chat and bounce ideas around, barring the occasional meeting. Do you prefer skype? I can use that too! I am absolutely open to pursuing your game ideas if you have any; I code primarily with Corona SDK, which is a mobile app platform, but the package is moving towards development on other platforms. At the moment, however, I will be releasing games on Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows Phone platforms.

About you: You are enthusiastic about games, you are excited about a partnership, and you are a skilled pixel artist who wants their art to be seen by the world. Also, youíre looking for a revenue-sharing agreement which would be a straight up 50/50 split. At the bare minimum, you have a semblance of a portfolio and samples of sprite animations.

Iíve included some screenshots from my games that are out and in progress. Any questions, comments or want to get on board? PM me or email at alex (at) panc (dot) co (thatís right, .co, not .com). Thanks!