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What is this section about?


Welcome to the new animation section.

Whats the point of this section?
Here you can share your animations.
Talk about theory.
Ask questions.
Look at examples.
Find links.
Do exercises.

What kind of art can I post here?
Any medium is fine!
Pixels, pencils, 2D, 3D, whatever.

Why would I post a pixel animation here instead of in the Pixel Art boards?
It is not mandatory that you post ALL animations here.
If you choose to post in this section have the mindset to dig deeper into animation itself rather than pixel technique.

Do I always have to post an animation I'm currently working on?
I want this section to be open to discussions and art.
As long as your thread/post is animation focused then it is valid.

You want to compare your frame building process with others.
You've been thinking about frame speeds and how they can affect different aspects of animation and want to talk/draw about it.
You want to ask a question about an animation tool.
You want to know more about that _____ animation technique you keep hearing about.
You found something cool and want to show others and talk about it.

I also plan on starting a few threads about different stuff and everyone is welcome to contribute.

And that's it.
If you have these kinds of interests get to posting.
As a community let's build a cool place full of animation theory and practice.


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