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Minimalist field

on: March 02, 2014, 12:35:43 pm
I saw this Coltraine's edit in Kamillo's thread, and could not resist trying to make a similar image. I've embed his version here:

and here is the mockup I put together in a few minutes.

I feel like I've messed up somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it. All I can think of is that it seems... empty.

It also bothers me that the dirt isn't as deep as it should be, but the edits I made to try to remedy that just looked wrong.

I made another edit with a large dirt layer though, which is close to how I think it should be, but still looks off somehow.

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Re: Minimalist field

Reply #1 on: March 02, 2014, 03:25:15 pm

If you look closely at your goal it has three layers.
Sky, Surface, Ground

Even with the darker colors they used a high contrast to separate the top and bottom half and they leave the sky and ground basically barren of detail.  The surface is the only place he left texture which pulls your eye directly to that texture.  He also left it wide enough to deliver a perception of depth and placed a transverse plane of additional texture (little snips of grass) in the center of the surface level to create more depth there.
Note the bowl shape of the surface and the way in which the clouds help to direct your attention directly to the center of the surface level as well. Your eyes go directly to the center where the key elements are.

Your attempt does not have the same level of contrast.
Your surface level is inconsistent in shape and design.
It's not thick enough to place a sprite within, so it looks like a skin on top instead of a surface to stand upon.
You don't have any direct details to capture the attention and you haven't used any of your elements to direct focus anywhere so the eye sees bands of colors waving across.  Notice the way you look at the clouds more than anything else when you just glance at yours.

I would also note that where the original is composed of geometric shapes:  blocks and triangles
Yours is very chaotic and lacks order.
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