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--- Quote ---I think this thread is just for sketches though?
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He said any style so it can be either pixel, digital, or traditional.  Maybe even beyond that.  But thanks for the complement!  Its supposed to be Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. 

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I like how you exaggerated the muscles, the bottom torso to the feet though seem odd to me as if they do not support the character  :huh: .  But its good!

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Oooo, so abstract looking!  Very interesting to look at, please do more like this!  ;D

Mr. Fahrenheit:

Been drawing some small sprites for picture wars. I took some hints from vagrant's avatar for the steam. I cant seem to get the glass helmet thing looking right though.


yep youre right, i missed the 'any medium' part!


thanks for the feedback! I see what you mean, do you think a lot of that stems from the feet? like theyre not correctly aligned to the floor?

@Mr farenheit

they look cool. the white highlight on the glass helmet looks too big and low to me, id push it up and show more of the mans face inside.

Well, I was going to go to bed, but...

Being quick and dirty about it.  I think I'll try to keep up this daily challenge, since I'm really out of sync with my drawings lately.  Draw more, take no survivors!

Hopefully this will help motivate me to improve my meager skills. I have been hoping to do a geometric self portrait for some time. Today I started out with some sketches, I think I want to do the 3/4 view. I will continue to post my progress, moving into different mediums and hopefully eventually have an avatar to use.


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