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The hand on the top right looks like it has six fingers   :-X

I'll join.. though I may not post daily.
I think the ear's a bit too high up.. but hey, this is just practice. The lashes are exaggerated on purpose.

Sleepy sleepy


Starting tomorrow I'm going to try in ink. I think it's great practice to draw in ink on paper cause you can't erase and it makes you plan everything a few steps ahead as you go.


Keep it going!
To clear any confusion, you are all doing it right.
This thread is about getting into the habit of drawing.
Pixel, pencil, solid, sketchy, color, grayscale, etc are all good and welcome.
The important part is that you try to come back on a regular basis and post something you made that day.


Went along with the idea from yesterday and took it a little farther.
Those ruins are boring as all get out though.  Might try something more involved next time.

I was generally disappointed in my original sketch attempts, so I'm just working on drawing geometric portraits from references. So the following is just a rough reproduction. Enough of these though and hopefully I will have more confidence in tackling my self-portrait again. The final work will likely be simpler than these, in terms of number of planes, and I need a better photo for reference of myself.

@Milokey: It looks great, but I agree with your assessment that the doorway is too boring.
@LIJJ: I'm a big fan of pen, otherwise I over think what I'm working on instead of just doing it.


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