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I've had a wacom for over a year now, and all I've done with it is pixel art. So I've decided to join this as long as I can. First thing I learnt is drawing digitally is very different to the paper medium. Second thing I leant, I suck at drawing. After a couple of hours in Photoshop I started to get more comfortable and drew some concept art for a game I'm never going to make :)

Meet Sal, the sea gull.


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Hehe, hes funny looking!  :lol:

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No its the waistline.  I feel its a bit too small compared to the rest of the torso.  Also yeah feet could be adjusted some.

yeah i shouldve thought about the construction more, and the plane hes standing on. though the proportions are meant to be unrealistic, big gorilla arms, undersized lower body. I think i might start practising gesture drawings, realistic proportions etc.

Looks promising, milokey!

Keep it up, Jim16. I'm struggling with getting the feel of drawing digital with a tablet, too.

Moar birds


I have to get better at drawing in general. I am trying to focus more on real life drawing for now.


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