AuthorTopic: City Background (TIPS and CRITIQUE NEEDED)  (Read 6169 times)

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Re: City Background (TIPS and CRITIQUE NEEDED)

Reply #10 on: January 15, 2014, 02:25:59 pm
@Mathais and @coffee now I see the latest version you added this post, and I think its looks very cool, and Im progressively getting better at pixel art day by day, I am sort of new to this. I do kind of agree with the general idea that the colors may be a bit too bright with this latest version, not that I don't like the look, its just we were going for a night cityscape with darkness, but I've gotten the hang of how to do gradients and I'll have a new version up soon for some advice on it. The cyan glow is pretty awesome, I have another background in mind that that glow would go awesome with. Moreover thanks for the critique and advice, I think I will do a gradient for the sky just with cooler colors.
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