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World Artist

on: July 18, 2006, 06:37:58 pm

World Artist

In game development, one of the most important topics
is the tiling and planning of 2 dimensional maps. It is
always very difficult to map things as we desire, to make
them fit our needs. With World Artist, this will change,
it is a powerful tool, that will let you build your maps
from the ground up! The tool is designed for tile based
games, it can be an Arcade, shoot'em up, RPG, any style
of game you want! World Artist includes most of the
known image touching up tools, such as the eye dropper,
rubber tool etc. It also incorporates a scripting language
that you can use to elaborate plug-ins to World Artist! On
top of all these features, World Artist supports multi-language!

World Artist can export maps in different formats, among
others you have Game Maker, raw format, picture format etc.
Your maps are the most valuable thing on earth, World Artist
has an encryption algorithm you can use to protect your maps!

  • Very powerful and very easy plugin based scripting language, very easy to write your own exporters, importers or other such add ons.
  • Designed for ease of use in mind. If you can manage MSPaint you have all the experiance necessary to use this software.
  • Capable of producing maps for any kind of tile based game (action, arcade, RPG, platform ...).
  • Supports unlimited layers, no-need to be limited like many other map editors.
  • Parallax support, both faster and slower varieties.
  • Infinite repeat support, do you want your map's to go on and on forever? Well this feature could help you greatly!
  • Powerful ZLib compression can be used on map files to minimize there size.
  • Alpha and color tinting on a per tile basis, with a nice pallete system to store multiple colors.
  • Support for tile-flipping. Don't want to crowd your tilesets up with the same tile just rotated several times? Well this will definitely help you then!
  • Infinite cut, copy, undo and redo support, theoretically as long as you don't restart the map editor you could retrieve days of work.
  • Source code for loader for several different languages available (at the moment just BlitzMax).
  • Open file format, load maps in any language you want!
  • Multilingual support, if your native language is not English, just switch over to another language!
  • ... etcetera, etcetera.


You can download World Artist from Binary Phoenix's software page

I you have any troubles with this product that you can't find any help for in the help files, please post at the Binary Phoenix forums.

Alright, so I figured I would post this here, because when pixel artists go into game dev, they're going to probably want some tools to make their job easier. Hopefully World Artist will be a useful tool for any of you... and even if not, just give it a try, there's a free 30 save demo. Also, keep an eye out on the site - Adarias has joined us for graphics, and we are working on an RPG. While that won't likely be finished for quite a while, just check up on the site every now and then. Thanks!
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Re: World Artist

Reply #1 on: July 18, 2006, 11:03:54 pm
Man your project looks so promising. From the screenshots I can tell it's AT LEAST more usable than TileStudio (what I use right now). You think you can add support for GBA/DS development to this application? I think it will be appreciated at the forums.
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Re: World Artist

Reply #2 on: July 21, 2006, 01:44:46 am
Thanks. Try the free trial if you want... and about the GBA/DS support... while I'm not sure about it, you could probably write your own script with it's built-in scripting language to compile maps to a format useable for the GBA/DS. I'll talk with Helios (the programmer) about adding such features in it for a later release however.