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Re: [CC] character bases

Reply #10 on: December 12, 2013, 11:17:54 pm

New color pallet but I'm terrible at shading. I simplified it and am keeping the cartoony look. I like this a lot better.

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Re: [CC] character bases

Reply #11 on: December 13, 2013, 12:40:55 am
Is there a reason for that amount of detail on their stomachs?
A large head is fine, but people usually go overboard on the muscles and anatomical details.

Just keep it simple and clean..

Na not really any purpose why I added detail there, but head and stomach are nice sports to show how shading works.
The muscle baby syndrome comes from having simplified proportions but don't simplifying detail. After all I am still more of a realist =D
Love your style, do you mind if I ask from where it is inspired? (looks kinda like Mii's to me from the face :D)


Seiseki came up with quite a lovely style. If you go with his approach you should be quite fine.

The problem you currently have is that your character lacks perspective and form.
In terms of perspective the head, the torso and the feet are all different.

Think of simple boxes and adjust the vanishing lines of your box according to what you need for your game. It's still unclear in what kind of environment your characters will be displayed. Is it iso, rpg perspective, sideview, or something completely different.

I went with an isometrical approach and a sideview approach.

Look carefully at the differences between the axis. Look at the line of the toes, the line through both knees, the line of the hands, the line of the chest, the line through both eyes and so on.
Those line should match up with your box, otherwise you did something wrong perspectivical (my edit isn't 100% perfect and the proportions of the second sprite suffered a lot from simply moving parts, but at least it should give you an idea).

Shading don't needs to be exact to a lightsource. try to make different planes visible and imply form. I tried to seperate upper and lower arm as well as some smaller details at hands and feet.

And as I stated in my first edit, flow motion and posture of the character also is essential to give him live. I tried to come up with a flowing impression.
Don't work with rigid lines for humans, unless it's a choice of style. Rigid lines and poses will lead that your character looks like a stiff soldier.

The "rigid" style

If the principles showed above are to complicated or you simple dislike it you could also go for a really simplified approach with the limbs.
In that case the level of simplifcation over the whole body (esp legs and arms if I look at yours) should be the same.
Also the consistency of the forms should stay the same to make it good looking. I went with simple quadratical forms with rounded edges (chest and head are consistent, as well as all other outlined edges.

Then you could go with a simple sideview lighting with one bright and one dark plane - this is really simple to draw and adds a lot of form (just add the same principle of form as illustrated at the cube below on the forms of the sprite)

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