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Artist animated pixel art French indie game

on: November 13, 2013, 02:42:46 pm
Hello !
Let me introduce myself, I 'm Jonathan Brassaud a french indy game developper
I work for one year and a half on "Inexistence" , an independent game that will be released in a few months on PC and consoles.
(a few pictures if you're interested to see report)

Making myself the whole game , I find myself stuck in animations.
Somewhat comfortable level graphics and pixel art , I still remain pretty bad when it comes to entertainment.
It is for this reason that I am looking for someone skilled in this area there to get my sprites and animate most successful way , making the movement more fluid, and more precise , for example.
Here is an example of my game animations :

If you are interested , contact me by mail with your work.
The work will be paid in the marketing of the game coming soon .
If you want to know more about the game , it's here :

Thank you !