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[PAID] Sought: JRPG Character sprite artist

on: October 11, 2013, 10:24:25 pm
[PAID] Sought: JRPG Character sprite artist

Hi. My name is Kevin Gigučre and I'm the founder of Dragon Slumber, an indie game development company.  Our website is   My team and I are working on a large scale JRPG project, and we need your help.

-- The job description
I am looking for a freelancing character sprite artist. I am working with large tiles, 64x64, and I am looking for someone to make characters 1x2 tiles (so about 55x96).  Walk animations will be 3 frames, 1-2-3-2.  While I don't have any sprite to submit for example, I can provide other in game art to show the level of quality I'm looking for.  For the first batch of assets, we will go with about 300 frame of animation covering multiple characters and move from there.  The main characters will have some concept art but you will be required to design many of the villagers and other less important characters.  Note that this is a side game like Final Fantasy VI, walking is sideways, up and down, and battles are seen from the side.

This is a monster sprite in the game, to show the style we're using:

Exemples of the style of sprites I like:

-- Summary of the project
Dragon Slumber is developping a full fledged Japanese style RPG, for release on PC over the Internet and Steam. The game is aiming for about 8-10 hours of gameplay. There are 6 playable characters, with an animation range around similar to Final Fantasy VI (ie, 3rd person fights with sprites and emotion animations during story). We have an estimated 30 tilesets, 80 characters overall (PCs and NPCs) and ~90 unique enemies and bosses. Stylistically, we're aiming towards Final Fantasy VI, a slightly gritty style, mature themes and all that. It's also our baseline for the visuals, battle presentation and so forth.

-- What we have so far
About 33% of monsters/bosses have been produced.  We also have the UI about 90% complete and a few backgrounds during battles have been produced.  The story has its second draft written, game design is complete and we have a few map layouts done.  I'm responsible for all the programming aspects as well as game design, game script, map making and basically everything that is not visual assets or audio assets in general.

--The financial aspect
This is a contractual position and will be paid according to established milestones.  I do make a payment upfront, and then at regular intervals afterwards, to be determined in our contract.

You may contact me at any time by e-mail at, or by Skype at ds_kevingiguere. I do not regularly check this forum so I discourage contact through here. I look forward to hearing from you.