AuthorTopic: Need help going from low-res to not-so-low-res  (Read 8243 times)

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Re: Need help going from low-res to not-so-low-res

Reply #20 on: August 28, 2013, 07:07:37 pm
I think often experience helps people to get a more realistic image of themselves.

For me, for instance, when I was 13-17 I felt like I was a great artist and would even call myself an 'artist.' But with age comes experience, and as you get better you learn that there is even farther to go. Though you become better than you've ever been, your vision of yourself might be the worst its ever been, but realistic for once.

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Re: Need help going from low-res to not-so-low-res

Reply #21 on: September 12, 2013, 12:13:31 am
Hi! I've been stalking you a while on twitter as @conzeit =) nice to see you here.

Honestly man, I've been one to shun the outlines too and I think it's not really in your best interest to do that. if the only way you can think of making a good high res image is a bunch of texture from brushes it's because you're not confident of your drawing ability

Just make some drawings in hi res and dont use texture brushes. Use different sizes if you want...but really, no need to be afraid of outlines. Great things have been made with lines

look at Moebius

or David Johnson obviously not as good as moebius but his particular style has a sort of gestuality to it that I never thought I'd see in outlines without thick n thin

I might crit on specifical stuff later but that is all for now =)