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[Paid] Pixel artist for mobile game [Closed]

on: September 08, 2013, 02:44:19 pm
DragonSlayer Studio

We are a small start-up Indie team developing game for the mobile market. Actually we are 3 members, each one of us have previous experience in the mobile development ,
Our programmer and a graphic work full time for Global Fun, our programmer Linkedin. I work as freelancing software/game designer for them , for applications mainly, and socials (last one is Nomadax) and i take care of everything else in our team , Public Relation , Marketing and such.
We are now trying to develop our first indipendent mobile game and you can check us on the major social networks (check end of post for direct links) , the website is actually in development.

Project Overview

Our current project is a sort of collectible card game, similar to some extent to Puzzle & Dragons , Blood Brothers, D.O.T. and the likes, and it's called Rune Master.
The game is fantasy themed but we don't have a specific style in mind, i saw many different works and lot of them can fit the game nicely, since the graphic is to start anew.
The game will be a free to play with in-app purchases.
There will be both single and multiplayer.
We are already at a nice point in development , from the coding side.

Job Proposal

A general reference for the styles we like can be found here, they are in order from top (top left) to lower (bottom right) preference.

What we look for is :

- 1 Card Frame: recolored in 6 different color, 100x120 ;
- 62 Characters/Creatures: they must fit inside the Card Frame, if necessay small parts can go slightly outside the frame, no animation required.
- 12/15 Enviroment : Used for combat background , they must be in top down view , and tiled. The background must fit a resolution of 480x800 (our base template for android device)
- Interface elements : Bars, Icons, Button and the like.
- Skill effects : short animated , not bigger than the Card Frame dimension.

We provide a complete list of Interface and skill elements after contact.

For the characters/creature we provide a general description of each.

We are not under a strict deadline, but we need the work done, since graphic it's what's holding us back.

We may hire two different artist , one for the characters and one for enviroment, interface and skill effects, depending on availability and if the styles can match; still we would prefer a single artist able to do the job, for better final result.

Absolutely required :
- Consistent contact through istant messaging (Skype or Facebook);
- Commitment to the job
- Paypal account for payment

We don't want people disappearing for days , discontinued work, and such.


We would pay 5-10$ for sprite depending on the quality of the work, we can raise the bar if your work is really good.

The payment will be a 10% upfront, and then a 30% every 20 sprite for the characters.

For Interface element and skill effects, i would prefer talk in private, and offer a price on complete Interface and complete set of skills rather than by elements/by frame, same goes for the enviroments.

The payment will be divided in a similar way to the one proposed above.

Should you be interested in our project , we can talk about revenue share also, it's up to you.

You will be credited in the game , and your work will be advertised on our social accounts also. This last bit may sound stupid, but lot of publisher/developer try to not credit people for their work, been there too, and a little free advertising is never a bad thing.

If everything goes fine the selected artist should have more work after release, since we plan different expansion patches , including new features and characters, becoming a team member can be also possible.

If you are interested send your portfolio/example works to the following contacts

Email :
Skype : Voudu23 (Fabio Cadario)

DS Studio Links:


Edit : Thanks everyone, the position is filled.
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