AuthorTopic: [PAID] Land of Zom - Multiplatform Zombie MMO/RPG - Looking for artist/artists!  (Read 3199 times)

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We're currently looking for more artists again! You may remember my old post if you're a regular here.
We have come a long way since then; so we're after more artists!

All pay arrangements welcome. Per-sprite, per-collection, per-hour, etc etc.

We're looking for two types of artwork currently:
  • Player sprites - These need to be re-made to match the resolution of the environment. All suggestions, concepts and ideas welcome!
  • Environment artwork - We need A LOT more environment art. This includes, buildings, items and scenery.

We are willing to pay about £1900 currently for artwork.
However this can be increased if the right artist/s come along.

I also have Skype, MSN, IRC which can be given upon request.
Or feel free to message me on here!

A lot of the brief below has been cut out; If you'd like to find out more first, check out our sites!

The year is 2013; there are more than 6 billion people alive, and the numbers grow every day.
That was until the Virus broke out… mutating people’s brains into something far more dangerous than was ever imagined.
Whole countries were engulfed by the seemingly infinite hoards of mutated humans.
Millions were torn to shreds or eaten alive in their own homes; or even worse… consumed by the virus and joining the ever expanding ranks of undead.

Survivors of the outbreak have banded together in small communities in an attempt to survive. You are one of those survivors.

Join up with your fellow humans, collect resources together and build up a safe community while fighting the hordes of undead together as one. Gather resources, items and food to fuel, maintain and expand your community.

Complete a variety of story-lines, quests and tasks to advance your own players skills and abilities, ensuring you have the upper hand when it comes to fighting the undead.

Search the seemingly infinite world for food, useful items, weapons, building materials and even other groups of survivors!

Land of Zom places the player within the mutant infested world where you take on the role of a character which you get to customize upon creation. As your character goes through the game, they will encounter a variety of tasks which they can choose to take or ignore. These tasks will allow the player to advance their skills meaning they will become stronger, faster and better.

In order to progress in the game, the player must ensure both their own immediate well-being and also the immediate well-being of other players around them. Without the aid of other players, you will be unable to survive. (Or at least find it very hard to!)

The game takes place in a fully populated world with a wide variety of buildings, features, objects and environments.

Barricades are quite a new feature. They allow you to defend areas from zombies and other players. They do however, degrade very slowly so you can't just spam them around the map.

Land of Zom is coded in Java, and works on a variety of platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Mixed platform world
Have you ever played multiplayer games on a console? Chances are they don’t allow you to play against players on a different platform. For example, Xbox players can’t play against PS3 players.
We don’t like this at all. We believe that all players should be entitled to exactly the same experience, no matter what device they choose to use.[/i][/quote]

This scene is in the beginning cut-scene where the player is confronted during the very first outbreak

Player customization
This was something we knew would be incredibly important during the creation of Land of Zom.
Player customization is crucial for any player to feel like their character is their own.One they’ve actually created and not just “been given”. You have two choices with player customization:

   * Simple Mode:
      This mode allows you to use our library of pre-drawn clothes, hairstyles, trousers and shoes to build your own character using our handy character creator menu.
   *  Advanced Mode:
      This mode allows you to download a skin template from the site, and you are free to customize it however you wish.
      If you want to wear a rainbow colored tshirt with a toaster on the front, we wont stop you! We want you to feel happy with your character.
      Smallest possible app footprint.
      No one likes apps that consume all of a platforms storage space, or only work on top end devices!
      We’re working hard to ensure that all of our images, maps, sounds and code is as optimised as possible to ensure everything runs smoothly for you.

We’ve created this game with one main thing in mind. Cross platform portability.
We believe that you shouldn’t ever be tied to a particular device. Games should be playable anywhere! Whether that’s on an Android, iOS, Windows, Linux or OS X![/i][/quote]

Flammability of objects is a newly added feature. Fire's spread to nearby flammable objects.

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I sent an email. :D