AuthorTopic: ( Royalties ) Pandora - recruitement of a pixel artist for an isometric TRPG  (Read 889 times)

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Hello to everybody. I'm Blaiseman, i'm currently working on a new video game called Pandora. "Pandora" is an innovative tactical RPG for all platforms. We are a little independent group. Myself, a programmer called MactheZazou and a composer. If you are wondering what i am doing in the project except from being the chief of the team, i'm writing the game scenario, drawing the Artworks and planning every bit of the game. The only person missing in our team to start the work is a pixel Artist. I've looked everywhere for one till i arrived in this forum, i hope that'll somebody'll be interested. The game will be in ISOMETRIC 2D and in an anime style like SMT or Disgaea.

Why our game and not another one

I can't really tell you why you should take part in our game and not in another one but i can tell you for sure that we are skilled and motivated bunch and that our game will be something never seen before in it's genre. Perhaps something that can make the difference is that you will be able to express any idea for the game and that we'll cheer you to. We don't want you to just obey blindly, every opinion has a value. Because of this, the game will belong to everyone of us more than in another game. If you want to have more info on our game just mp me.

What do we want ?

What i want you to be able to do or to have as a pixel Artist is :
- To be able to do regular and skilled work ( who wouldn't want that ^^ ) but we don't have any deadline so you can stay cool. You can choose your pace as long as the work is good.
- To be be able to do tiles and character
- To be able to do Animations ( for attacks and such )
- To be able to have ideas on your own, don't obey without giving your opinion if an idea or a request doesn't please you.
- A bit of humor ( Always important )
- To be able to adapt to a drawing style. Because i'm drawing the artwork, it would be good if your pixel style can adapt to my drawing style.

I except you to be able to do the best work possible. I don't have any exemples because you will be the one to decide the pixel art style after reading the scenario and the complete game explications. If you still want an idea, know that the game will be in an hybrid or nonexistent time, like Disgaea or One piece. And that my favorite TRPG are Disgaea and Devil survivor.

Payment, Credits and Selling

I can't guarantee you any money but if nothing goes wrong you'll be rewarded from your help. We plan to sell the game on different platforms with my money and then divide the total gain into percentages.

To contact me please send me an email at blaise.bvd@gmail.comor post something on the forum.

Thank you for reading this text of mine,