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Maintenance/Downtime Thread


This is a general thread for maintenance and downtime announcements. I'll update it once I know something about any planned maintenance.

If you'd like to stay up to date on the current status of Pixelation, follow @wotpstatus!

Going to add new posts to this topic in the future instead of edit the OP so you can see whenever changes have been made.

~36 hours of almost complete downtime seem to be finally over. Sadly, I couldn't do anything about them and am currently still waiting for a statement from our provider as to why it took so long to take care of no statement given :-\ Sorry for the inconvenience! No data has been lost.

Scheduled downtime tomorrow (the entire day, roughly) because of a server move (initiated by our provider, not us; internal move for them). Goal is to resolve stability issues/downtime on a long run. Sounds good, but sadly no Pixelation tomorrow then :(


--- Quote from: Crow on February 16, 2016, 11:16:38 am ---(the entire day, roughly)
--- End quote ---

About three days, actually... once again, I misread the initial statement from our provider. So what was that all about? Well, the downtime we had just before the server move had occurred several times before, and our provider decided to move datacenters again. They're done doing that now, and will hopefully not run into anymore outages. Sorry for the long downtime~


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