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[PAID] - 32x32 Animated .GIFs for LED Art Project

on: August 23, 2013, 04:39:36 am
Hi Everyone,

My name's Al and I did a recent LED Pixel Art project called PIXEL. PIXEL is an open-source, interactive framed LED wall display that allows you to send pixel art & animated .gifs from an Android device or Windows PC using Bluetooth. PIXEL has a resolution of 32x32 where each pixel is a multi-color LED.

This job is for 15 animated .gifs in total which will be used as included content for the product.

* 32x32 resolution
* 100ms frame delay
* Smooth and continuous loop / nothing jerky
* Must be your original art

The animations should utilize high contrast colors with a black background (low contrast colors don't display well on the LED medium) and have a smooth & continuous loop, nothing jerky. Outside of this, I don't have any specific requirements on the style & theme of the animations, you're free to create. But please do review these example animations  selected in the past which will give you a feel for what I'm looking for.

I plan to select two pixel artists for this job with each pixel artist doing 15 animations. The deadline to complete the 15 animations is October 15, 2013.

To be considered, please email me a sample animation(s) meeting the above guidelines along with a description of the type of animations you plan to do for the rest.

The selected artists will each receive one PIXEL LED art frame to showcase your pixel art. PIXEL retails for $300 USD including shipping or $150 in cash. This contest is open to all countries, I will pay for the international shipping. Note that PIXEL is compatible with Android devices (2.3.3 and above) and Windows PCs only. You'll also be featured on PIXEL's home page.


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