AuthorTopic: [Resolved] Penumbra Hearts Sprites [revisited]  (Read 1664 times)

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[Resolved] Penumbra Hearts Sprites [revisited]

on: August 22, 2013, 12:58:28 am
Hey all. Me again.

So after my last post I got a lot of offers for some art, and all of them were really great but a lot of them sadly weren't what we were looking for. Someone did actually end up staying on board with us as a member of this game, however we're just having him as the battle sprite artist.
I would have bumped my old thread, but since it was locked I couldn't do that lol.
Anyway, the deal is, we still need people to do:
32x64 sprites with 12 frames to show a walking animation for both the main characters
Tilesets for many different maps. Once again, more will be discussed about this when you contact us because there is a lot to explain.

Please remember that the game has a dark theme. We're looking for sprites similar to that of Chrono Trigger or Golden sun however if your style is not like this, send us a message anyway, we're always looking for a welcome surprise. With the tiles, we're looking for something similar to Final fantasy 6, but obviously brought into the modern day if that makes sense.

Once again, payment will be discussed, however when sending your rates we ask that you send it "$ per Tile/frame" rather than "$ per Hour"and we want you to remember that we are a small 2 man company. We don't have all the money in the world (sadly) and thus we won't be able to pay ridiculous amounts. But regardless of prices, send us a message and we'll just let you know.

We hope to have fun with this project and would like it to be fun for all who are working on it!

Email us at:
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