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(Unpaid) Looking for programmer to make post-apocalyptic survival game!


Hey fellow game developers!

My name is Ken. I'm currently working at a full time game studio, but would also love to work on a side project if possible, just to see where it goes. I had an idea for a post apocalyptic game which could include crafting, survival, base creation, pvp, farming. Zombies??? Maybe! :blind:

The best way to describe it would be something between Nuclear Throne and Rust, if that helps.

I'm capable of handling all of the art and animations myself. One or two programmers would be preferred, whatever engine you are comfortable with.

Looking to just get a demo going first, but if it actually becomes something worth of release, I'm fine with doing Revshare, splitting equally for all main parties involved, but I more so just want to make this game for the enjoyment of it all. Below is a small mock-up with some characters and weapons in an example environment. Hope to hear from you guys soon!



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