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Requiring a Tileset (Closed)

on: July 14, 2013, 04:32:17 am

Iím looking for someone to create a tileset for me. Each tile is 32x32 and Iím looking for a variety of tiles overall. A mix of water, sand, grass, forestry, mountains, etcÖ The view is 3/4 - think old-school RPG overworld style.
Iím creating maps on the fly with depth so I also require tiles to show that. Eg: Deeper (darker) water for the ocean, then clearer/brighter water as the water nears the land.

The ideal spriter should be around post-beginner as I donít have a big budget. Iím not sure how the pricing for tiling goes, but Iíd be looking at $10-$12 an hour? (or better if you can provide a fixed fee for the complete job) Iím slightly flexible around that area.

Payment will be paid with PayPal only, and only to a verified user. As this is my first time paying someone for their services on here, Iíll be happy to pay you in advanced. However, I will only pay in advanced if the right person seems reliable and has done previous paid-work (with evidence) on here. Otherwise I will send the payment after the job is done. I'll be sure to make the payment process clear before any work starts.

Please do not contact me by PM or within this thread. Instead, use my email below.

All offers will be considered but please provide a portfolio / previous tile work. I will be picking the right person based on their rates and previous work. More details about the task will follow should I be interested in your style.

Thank you. :)


I've found a pixel artist taking up this job, thanks to everyone who sent me an email!
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