AuthorTopic: Im looking for a team-mate for a hobby / POSSIBLY comercial videogame project  (Read 1752 times)

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First of all, sorry for my poor english skills. (I speak spanish much better, if anyone speaks it too it would be great).

Well, let's see. I've been playing some SNES rpg's lately, so I had this idea of making a old school style RPG Game. References: Terranigma, Chrono Trigger.

For now, I want to keep it as a hobby project. But depending on how good it ends, we (me and who offers to be the pixel artist) could try to sell it, with qual earnings. I'm a programmer, I plan to use C++, so the game will work in Windows, Linux and OSX.

Sub-genre: not yet defined. I want to talk with the artist(s) interested in making this project, but I'm into: Science Fiction (specially steampunk) and fantasy (as 99% of the RPG's).

Storyline: Not yet defined. BUT in this one, one of my best friends is a movie director and scripter, and he speaks spanish and english perfectly.

General ideas: SNES style RPG. Maybe with boosted graphics. Chrono Trigger style battle system (I hate random and sided battlesystems).

Tools: in the programming part, open source ones (Including the graphic libraries), so It wont cost us a penny.

REQUERIMENTS: Good pixel art skills, free time and dedications. Ive been failed with pixelartists before. Nothing more, just this.

If you're interested, please post, with some of your arts if possible. I'll contact you ASAP and give you my skype adress.

For nos it is all. Greetings.